Emotional Intelligence for Nurses

The Emotional Intelligence of Nurses Network

Let's build a network of those interested in the EI of Nurses!! If you are doing work on the EI of nurses or interested in staying in touch with those who are, please e-mail Dr. Codier at the address listed below.


Dr. Estelle Codier, RN, MSN, PhD Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Dr. Estelle Codier, RN, MSN, PhD

My interest in EI has to do with workforce issues. I believe the EI may be a great tool to help us address some of the environment of care issues that lead to burnout, retention problems, and team dysfunction. My PhD work provided the first evidence in nursing that performance level is correlated with Ei in clinical staff nurses. I am in progress with replicating that study with a larger sample. I am also currently looking at the impact of education on EI in a workforce setting.

I also have an interest in EI in education and have studies in progress on the student EI of masters level entry into nursing program students. I am also exploring the relationship between nurses EI and cognitive learning styles.

My most recent publication is in Nursing Administration Quarterly, January, 2008, in a lead article about EI and environment of care issues. In it the summary of my PhD research is published.

Dr. Codier may be reached at codier@hawaii.edu


School of Nursing, University at Buffalo
The State University of New York

Lisa Sherry Ball, RN, FNP-BC, PhD-c

My current interest in emotional intelligence (EI) is delineating how it is used in nursing. Currently, I am in the midst of collecting data for my doctoral dissertation research, which is a mixed-methods grounded theory study investigating how EI is used by nursing students in an accelerated baccalaureate of science program. The first manuscript comprised in my dissertation is a concept analysis looking into the current use of the term “emotional intelligence” in nursing literature and the second is a systematic review of the current state of the science in this area. The concept analysis revealed that EI is considered integral to nursing practice yet the systematic review demonstrated a significant underdevelopment of the state of scientific research in this area and no grounded theory studies looking into the use of EI in nursing. Thus, I feel that the first step in developing a program of research in this area is to explore and explain how EI is used in nursing practice from the perspective of a select group of nurses, which was the driving force for my dissertation study currently underway.